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Stáhněte si knihu Putin’s People...
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  1. Stáhnout nebo číst online Putin’s People Knihy zdarma (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Catherine Belton
  2. Putin’s People souhrn : THE SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER A Times and Sunday Times Book of the Year 2020 A Daily Telegraph Book of the Year 2020 ‘The Putin book that we’ve been waiting for’ Oliver Bullough, author of Moneyland ‘Books about modern Russia abound … Belton has surpassed them all. Her much-awaited book is the best and most important on modern Russia’ The Times A chilling and revelatory expose of the KGB’s renaissance, Putin’s rise to power, and how Russian black cash is subverting the world. In Putin’s People, former Moscow correspondent and investigative journalist Catherine Belton reveals the untold story of how Vladimir Putin and his entourage of KGB men seized power in Russia and built a new league of oligarchs. Through exclusive interviews with key inside players, Belton tells how...

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