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  1. Free Download or Read Online Beach House Romance eBook (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Cora Seton
  2. Beach House Romance summary : <i>She’s 27 and just hit rock bottom…</i><br> Emma Miller’s fiancé left her days before her meal delivery business went bust. Now she’s broke, homeless and starting out all over again, weighed down with debt that isn’t even hers. So when she learns she and her estranged sister, Ashley, have received an unexpected inheritance, she’s thrilled. Now they can both move to Seahaven, California and run Brightview, her grandmother’s rambling beachside bed &amp; breakfast. She’ll do the cooking. Ashley can tend the Cliff Garden, the attached acre of winding paths and flower beds that has been in their family for generations. With her money and family woes solved, who knows—maybe someday Emma will find love again, too.<br> <i>He’s 33 and just...

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