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The Dachshund Handbook Töltse...
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  1. Töltse le vagy olvassa el online The Dachshund Handbook Ingyenes könyvek (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Linda Whitwam
  2. The Dachshund Handbook összefoglaló : NEW! A-Z on caring for & training your Dachshund from the experts - with over 100 full colour photos. There’s no other dog quite like the Dachshund.  They are clever, brave, curious, incredibly loyal, affectionate, lively, full of their own importance - & lots of  FUN! They can also be slow to housetrain and (if not properly socialised & trained) somewhat stubborn, noisy, & suspicious of strangers! This Apple book, part of the  Canine Handbooks, Amazon’s No.1 Dog Breed Series,  guides you step-by-step through the best methods for raising & training Miniature & Standard Dachshunds from Day 1 to old age. Where Should Puppy Sleep? What’s The Best Way of Crate Training a Dachshund Puppy? How Do I Socialise My Puppy? Which Training Methods Will...

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