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If She Only Knew...
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  1. Free Download or Read Online If She Only Knew eBook (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Lisa Jackson
  2. If She Only Knew summary : From  New York Times  Bestselling author and Queen of Suspense, Lisa Jackson, comes  If Only She Knew , a novel that will having you holding your breath as you turn each page. Perfect for readers of  The Silent Patient  and  Then She was Gone !   If She Only Knew ,  introduces the Cahills, a wealthy San Francisco family—rich in money, twisted secrets, and hidden agendas. Now at the center of their tangled world is Marla Cahill—a woman with no memory of who she is, what she’s done, or why she could be the next to die . . .   It begins on a dark stretch of highway in northern California. Caught in a blinding glare of headlights, two vehicles swerve and crash—leaving one woman dead, and another in a coma. When the surviving woman awakens,...

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