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Biography of God Κατεβάστε...
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  1. Λήψη ή ανάγνωση στο διαδίκτυο Biography of God Δωρεάν βιβλία (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Skip Heitzig
  2. Biography of God περίληψη : Does God exist? If He does, is it possible to know Him?   How you answer these two questions defines how you see the world. Author and pastor Skip Heitzig once wrestled with these questions himself. As he studied the Bible alongside science and philosophy, he grew confident that the answers to both are a resounding yes ! In Biography of God , he shares the intricacies of what the Bible reveals about God’s character and His plans. As Skip helps you recognize and remove the limits you may have placed on your idea of who God is, you’ll gain a better understanding of the… omnipotence, paradoxes, and mystery central to God’s beingtrue nature of the Holy Trinitylife-changing hope that comes with believing God is who He says He is  Whether you’re a longtime believer or...
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