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Stáhněte si knihu Visual Phrase...
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  1. Stáhnout nebo číst online Visual Phrase Book Czech Knihy zdarma (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Jourist Publishing
  2. Visual Phrase Book Czech souhrn : The complete illustrated phrasebook enables you to communicate fully in Czech without mastery of the language. You can thus order flight tickets, reserve hotel rooms, take a car to be mended or order a meal in a restaurant. The phrasebook contains more than 1.800 idioms and words arranged clearly in terms of  themes like custom duties, hotels, services, transport, garages, sights, entertainment, eating out, sports and leisure. - More than 1.800 illustrated idioms and words - Precise and intelligible grouping into themes and subordinate themes - Illustrations make communication even simpler. - Phonetic spelling is included. Thus learning becomes fun and tunes you up for your trip! The main themes are: Basics, Traveling, Hotel, Renting, Local transport, Sightseeing, Bank, Communication...

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