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Vicious Lies Κατεβάστε (PDF,...
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  1. Λήψη ή ανάγνωση στο διαδίκτυο Vicious Lies Δωρεάν βιβλία (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Ella Miles
  2. Vicious Lies περίληψη : This isn’t a love story. This is a story of all the reasons we can’t be together.  Reason number one: we lie.  Liesel Dunn has a secret.  One I literally ripped from her hands when we were kids.  Her secret was in a letter that I tore in half.  I have half the secret.  She has the other half.  We’ve always refused to share our part of the truth, so we’ve lived separate lives.  Until fate brings us back together.  She needs a hitman.  I answer her call.  I’ll do her this favor.  But she’ll owe me a debt.  And I plan on collecting… This is book 1 in Langston and Liesel’s story. A new dark romantic suspense series.  Ends on a cliffhanger.
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