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  1. Stáhnout nebo číst online Reflecting Malcom X :Wordings of the Detroit Red Knihy zdarma (PDF, ePub, MOBI) - Sreechinth C
  2. Reflecting Malcom X :Wordings of the Detroit Red souhrn : Malcom X the activist and outspoken public voice of the Black Muslim faith challenged the mainstream civil rights movement and the nonviolent pursuit of integration championed by Martin Luther King Jr. He urged followers to defend themselves against white aggression “by any means necessary”. For many years he was a major proponent of the Nation of Islam, espousing black supremacy and the separation of black and white Americans. To his admirers he was a courageous advocate for the rights of blacks, a man who indicated white America in the hardest terms for its crime against black Americans. This book aims to throw light towards his life and expressthe best collection of his inspiring quotes.

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